Located at BREW > Integrations, this page allows you to integrate with Google Maps and add your IDX Broker sitemap to Yoast SEO’s sitemap index.

IDX Broker API Key

Enter your IDX Broker API Key here. This will activate the buttons for “Get XML Sitemap URL” and “Clear Wrapper Cache”, explained below.

Clear Wrapper Cache

This button allows you to clear your IDX Broker dynamic wrapper cache from within WordPress instead of logging into your IDX Broker account. If your website uses page caching through your web host or a plugin, you may need to clear that cache before clearing the IDX Broker wrapper cache.

Google Maps Embed API

Enter a Google Maps API key for use with the [brew-google-map] shortcode, which will display a Google map of your company location.

Get a free Google Maps Embed API Key here.

Google Analytics / Site Verification

Google Analytics tracking codes and Site Verification tags can be added to your site using the Head / Footer Scripts page. Learn More