Located at BREW > Hero Element, this page of options allows you to control the hero element buttons and content.

BREW Hero Content

Hero Background Type
Choose “Color” to use a solid color for the background. Choose “Image” to use an image for the background. Background images should have a recommend size of 1200×500 pixels. Your selection here will toggle the relevant field for selecting a color or image.

Hero Content
Place an IDX IMPress Omnibar widget here (requires the IDX IMPress plugin), or an IDX Broker Quick Search widget.

Primary Button Text
By default, the primary button will say “Search Homes” to coincide with the search widget. Enter your own text to customize it.

Primary Button URL
By default, the primary button URL is empty so the button will not link to a different page. Enter your own URL if you’d prefer the button to link elsewhere.

Secondary Button Text
Enter the desired button text, such as “Estimate Home Value”. Be sure the Secondary Button URL points to a relevant page.

Secondary Button URL
Enter the desired URL to link the button to.

IDX Wrapper Hero

This section lets you customize the hero element content for BREW IDX Wrapper pages. If left blank, the main hero content will be used.