Featured Showcases are sorted alphabetically by default, but the order they are displayed in can be customized on the Showcase > Featured Sorting page. This feature requires BREW Theme 1.9.0 and BREW Companion 1.8.0.

Sort Method

Choose Alphabetical or Custom. When choosing Custom, a list of all featured Showcases will appear so you can control the order.

Custom Sort Order

To change the order of the Showcases, click in the numbered column on the left side of each row and drag the row to the desired position. Don’t forget to save your changes.

Featured Showcase Sorting

Showcases can be “unfeatured” by clicking the minus sign in the far right column of each row when hovering over the row with your mouse.

Featured Showcase Removal

Add Featured Showcase

Additional Showcases can be featured by searching for them in the drop down. Click the “Add Showcase” button to add it to the list of Featured Showcases, then drag it to the desired location.