The Showcase manager is the perfect way to build out city, community, and property feature pages. Your Showcase pages should contain relevant information on a single primary topic and should include a small listing of homes for sale using an IDX Broker Showcase widget. These pages are some of the most important pages of your website because they drive visitor interaction and SEO.

The main Showcase page is located at The content of this main page can be edited in BREW > Content Settings : Showcase Settings.

The Showcase manager also includes categories. All Showcases should be assigned a relevant category. These are the minimum categories that we recommend for most sites:

  • City
  • Community
  • Price
  • Feature

The native Excerpt field is available for Showcases. The field is made available for third party integrations such as Zapier, and the custom excerpt will also be displayed on the home page Featured Locations.

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The title of your showcase, such as “Las Vegas Homes For Sale” or “Las Vegas Homes For Sale Under 400K”.

TIP: After entering a title, choose an appropriate Category and Parent page before continuing.


Choose an appropriate category for this Showcase based on the main topic of the page. For example:

  • “Las Vegas Homes For Sale” might be in the City category.
  • “Las Vegas Homes For Sale Under 400K” might be in the Price category.
  • “San Antonio Horse Properties For Sale” might be in the Feature category.

Parent Page

Choose a parent page in the Showcase Attributes box, if applicable. Your showcases should follow a natural hierarchy based on geographic location or type of home feature.

Here is a sample page hierarchy with pages that focus on a city, prices, and features:

Title URL Category
Las Vegas Homes For Sale /las-vegas/ City
Las Vegas Homes For Sale Under 400K /las-vegas/homes-under-400K/ Price
Las Vegas Homes For Sale Under 800K /las-vegas/homes-under-800K/ Price
Las Vegas 3 Bedroom Homes For Sale /las-vegas/3-bedroom-homes/ Feature
Las Vegas Homes For Sale With A Pool /las-vegas/pool-homes/ Feature

Showcase Slug

A “slug” is the part of a URL that identifies a particular page or post. When entering a slug for your Showcase, use 2 or 3 keywords separated by hyphens, such as “las-vegas” or “homes-under-400k”. Avoid repeating words that already appear in the parent page’s URL.

TIP: Choosing a parent page before entering a slug will help you choose a good slug because the parent page’s URL will automatically be displayed in front of the slug field.

Category Box Link Text

This will be used as the link text for this Showcase when it appears in a Category Box. Use a shortened version of the title and make sure the link text is related to the chosen Category. For example:

  • “Las Vegas Homes For Sale”, which is in the City category, might have “Las Vegas” as the link text.
  • “Las Vegas Homes For Sale Sale Under 400K”, which is in the Price category, might have “Homes Under 400K” as the link text.
  • “San Antonio Horse Properties For Sale”, which is in the Feature category, might have “Horse Properties” as the link text.


Write 2 or 3 sentences that introduce the topic of the page. This content appears at the top of the page and can optionally be used as the custom post excerpt by checking the box that says “Overwrite the post excerpt with this Introduction.”

If you use the All In One Schema Rich Snippets plugin, the Article description setting will be pre-filled with the content that is first typed into the Introduction field.

TIP: If your website uses Yoast SEO, you can use the %%excerpt%% variable to automatically use the post’s custom excerpt as the meta description. Go to SEO > Search Appearance > Content Types tab to place the %%excerpt%% variable into the meta description template field for Showcases.

Yoast excerpt variable

Build Your Content

This section allows you to add blocks of content to your Showcase.

Available content blocks include:

  • Table of Contents
  • General Content
  • General Content – Two Columns
  • General Content – Three Columns
  • IDX Broker Showcase Widget
  • Embed Code (Google Maps, YouTube Videos, etc.)
  • Horizontal Divider
  • Full Width Image

Here are some tips on how to build your Showcase content:

  • Add a General Content block that contains an introductory paragraph of around 75 words.
  • Add a Table of Contents block if your page will contain 4 or more sub topics such as local schools or attractions, neighborhood amenities, or market information.
  • Add an IDX Broker Showcase widget block with 12 listings.
  • Add additional content blocks with related information about the main topic of the page. Make sure the page has a total of 300 words or more.