Located at Appearance > Customize, the Customizer lets you manage site options with a real time preview.

Site Identity

Upload your website’s logo here. The log is displayed in the top left corner on all pages of your site. Avoid using large images to keep your site’s loading speed down.

Site Title
Set your site’s title here. The title is usually displayed in web browser tabs following the individual page titles.

BREW theme does not visibly display the tagline at this time.

Site Icon
The site icon is used as a browser and app icon for your site. Icons must be square and at least 512 pixels wide and tall.


The theme color options were redesigned in BREW 1.17.0.

Color of buttons, links, etc. Default is #aaaaaa.

Hover color of buttons, links etc. Default is #848484.

For small accents such as IDX Broker Showcase status and price. Choose a color that contrasts well against white. Default is #333333.

Template Background
Background color of the top bar and footer. Default is #333333.

Template Headings
Color of headings (h1 to h6) in the top bar and footer. Default is #333333 when a light template background color is used, or #ffffff when a dark template background color is used.

Template Links & Buttons
Color of buttons & links in the top bar and footer. Default is the same as the primary color.

Template Hover
Hover color of buttons & links in the top bar and footer. Default is the same as the primary hover color.

Alternating Row Background
Background color of alternating home page rows. The default text color used in these areas will be #333333 when a light color is chosen here, or #ffffff when a dark color is chosen here.

Footer Layout

Customize the number of columns in the footer and copyright areas. You can choose 2, 3 or 4 columns for each area.


This section lets you customize your menu links and locations. Add icons to your menu links by entering a Font Awesome icon class into the Description field.


This section lets you customize your widget areas.

Home Page Settings

This section lets you specify which pages to use as your Front Page (Home Page) and Posts Page. BREW theme requires a static front page so you can access the Home Page Settings that have been built in specifically for real estate agents.

Showcase Category Boxes

Category Box Style
Category boxes have three available formats: Tabbed, Stacked or Selectable. The tabbed style takes up less vertical space and is the recommended format unless your pages have so many tabs that they wrap to multiple lines on smaller screens. If this happens, you may want to use the Selectable format, which displays a drop down menu of categories.

Qty of Links to Show
This setting allows you to limit the initial amount of content displayed in category boxes on page load. Website visitors can see additional links beyond the chosen number by clicking a ‘See All’ button. The recommended number of links to show is 6 or 9.

Alt Category Box Style
This allows you to choose an alternate category box style, which becomes active on individual pages that have the number of category boxes set in “Qty of Category Boxes” setting.

Qty of Category Boxes
This is the number of category boxes needed to trigger the Alt Category Box Style.

Exposed¬†Category Boxes For ‘Selectable’ Box Style
This is number of category boxes that will be displayed on page load when using the Selectable category box style.

Sharing Options

Share Bar Location
This controls the display of social media sharing links for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+. The links can be placed at the top of posts and pages just below the main heading, at the bottom of posts and pages just below the main content area, or both locations.

Social Site Checkboxes
Use the checkboxes to choose which share buttons will be displayed.

Additional CSS

This section is used to add custom CSS to change the styling of your site. It should only be used by individuals with some knowledge of CSS. If you decide to edit this section and do not have much knowledge of CSS, it may be a good idea to keep a copy of any existing CSS before you make edits, in case you need to revert back.